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Putting Together a Youth Showcase

Twice a year we have a ballet recital with all of our little ballerinas. It’s a big deal. We pack the auditorium with families and the little dancers take the stage in their very cute costumes.

Once a year my acting class students put on a variety show for their families. Again, it is very cute and the parents love it.

At the end of each session the kids that take our art and garden classes invite their parents to the last class of the session to show off what they have done.

At the end of the session the kids that take the magic class put on a show during lunch for all the other students that want to be entertained.

Here’s the big issue I have with this – and the big opportunity.

The ballet parents don’t see the art.
The parents of our junior actors don’t get to see the magic show.
The families of the art and garden kids don’t get to see the ballerinas. And on and on.

I believe that if we brought all the parents together to see what else we offer for their children, besides the program their kids are already in, our numbers would go up across the board.

So I am putting together a showcase where…

  • each of our dance classes (from ballet to hip hop) will participate in a short performance,
  • our actors will do a skit,
  • our magicians will show some illusions,
  • our young cooking students will make appetizers,
  • and our art students will display their art around the auditorium.

I want to showcase to the parents all the other amazing programs we offer, and the kids want an audience to show what they have learned, practiced and created.

Does your organization do a showcase? Do you charge admission? What other youth classes take part in your showcase?

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