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How to Put Together a Life-Sized Candy Land Game – Part 2


It’s time to create the characters.

Candy Land has gone through a few versions so we had to figure out if we wanted to create the game using the new characters or classic characters. We went with the new ones. Here is a copy of the characters.

We wanted to make the characters close to life size and wanted them to be long lasting. So we used plywood.

The Characters

  1. I bought quality plywood that didn’t need much sanding. It was a little more expensive but worth it.
  2. I used the character sheet above and connected the computer up to our projector. I then projected one of the characters onto a piece of plywood that I had propped against the wall. I moved the projector back until the character was projecting onto the wood the size I wanted.
  3. Once the character was projected onto the wood I traced the outline with a sharpie. I did this with each character. Some of the characters, like King Candy, were too big to fit on the 4×8 piece of wood so I had to alter the outline a bit.
  4. Next I used a jigsaw to cut the character out. This may be something you need to ask someone else to do (public works, a volunteer dad, etc.).
  5. Then we sanded the edges to make them nice and smooth.
  6. After that we used a white wood primer and painted both sides and all edges.
  7. It was now time to project the character on the cut out. Once the character was projected onto the cutout we traced the lines of the clothing, face, etc. so we would know where to paint.
  8. We have someone on staff that is a good painter and she went to work. Most people can do the basic painting after the character is traced out. That’s really all you’ll need to do. Our artist did some shading and mixing of colors to make it pop.
  9. We painted the back side with candy cane stripes. We considered making it look like the backs of the character bit we had already invested so much time into this that we figured we could do the simple stripes and go back later to paint the back sides of the characters if we wanted to. Personally I like the stripes.

We created all of the characters in the image above except for the beaver and Lord Licorice. We also created signs that you seen in the game. This we did freehand though, not with the projector.

The Bases

  1. Next I created the bases. I purchased square pieces of wood and some 2x4s.
  2. I cut the 2x4s using a circular saw.
  3. We sanded where necessary and covered all the wood with a white primer.
  4. Then after doing some measuring I attached 2 pieces of 2×4 to each base using 2″ screws from the bottom, wood glue and angle brackets. They were just far enough from each other to allow the character to slide in between them, holding the character upright. You can see the base of King Candy in the photo on the right.

I was going to do a few other things to make sure the character didn’t blow over, but when I was done it seemed pretty stable. The day we ran the event there was a little wind but the characters never fell over.

Base Alternatives

  1. You could prop the characters up against walls or fences.
  2. You can take 2×4 pieces and create legs for the back of the character, making a kind of tripod.

There are probably 10 other ways you can keep the characters standing, but since I’m not handy like that I’ll leave it to your engineering skills.

Characters Alternatives

If the above seems to expensive and/or time consuming you can…

  1. Paint the characters on butcher paper and hang them on walls.
  2. Have people dress up as the characters like you see in the photos below.
  3. Make the characters out of Legos (okay that might be more expensive and time consuming, but it would be cool).

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  1. Thank you so much!!! I’m a teenager, and for my sweet sixteen I’ve decided to do a CandyLand themed party. I’ve been look for hours now, trying to learn how to make the Game Pieces! Thank you so much!!!

  2. That’s awesome, Paying. I hope your party is fantastic and memorable.

  3. cool

  4. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just wondering where you got the costumes?

  6. Interested in selling any of the game pieces ?

  7. Sorry, Robin. They are all still in use.

  8. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas …this is gonna help me so much I do like your idea of plywood but to expensive for me for one time use so I’m going with card board on all my characters it’s inside so I know it will work …I’ve done many thing out of it and it’s done wonders like a fireplace that I had for 4 years and Tangled’s tower that didn’t last but a few months due to lots of moisture in the air and a sailboat … I loved your idea on the game it’s wonderful …thanks for all your help ????

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