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Halloween Related Games for After School


One of our regular summer camp forum contributors, Cody, posted a list of camp games that were altered to fit a Halloween theme. I have posted them below. If you haven’t visited the new summer camp forum there are some neat ideas that can be used for after school prgorams as well. Come by and see for yourself, and share some ideas of your own.

Scarecrow (Statue)

Select one camper as the scarecrow. Form a circle around the scarecrow. The object of the game is to change your pose without being caught by the scarecrow. If the scarecrow sees you move, you are out and must sit in your spot. You must change your pose every time the scarecrow turns away from you. The last person standing becomes the scarecrow for the next round.

Witches Broom Obstacle Race

Use the cones to form an obstacle course on each half of the gym. Make sure that they are equal on both sides. Divide up into two teams and send each team to a course. On the word “start”, the first person of each team sweeps a ball around the obstacles with their broom and comes back to their team line. The first team to finish wins.

Pass the Pumpkin Relay

Line up into two teams. The first person passes the pumpkin over their head to the next person in line. The next person passes the pumpkin under their legs to the next person, and so on. When you get to the end of the line the last person runs up to the front and start it all over again. Whoever has the first person that was in line at the beginning of the game—at the back of the line wins!

Killer Phantom (Killer Froggie)

Everyone sits in a circle on the floor. Select one camper to be the “ghost buster.” That person goes to the wall and closes their eyes. Next quietly select a person to be the “killer phantom.” Have the ghost buster return to the middle of the circle and stand. The ghost buster tries to guess who the killer phantom is. The killer phantom eliminates players by sticking their tongue at a different player every time. When a player sees the phantom’s tongue they fall back—dead! The ghost buster gets three guesses (can by modified based on size of group).

Witch, Witch, Ghost! (Duck, Duck, Goose)

Play duck, duck, goose except change the words to Witch and Ghost, respectively.

Ghosts and Zombies (Sharks & Minnows)

Select several campers to be “it” (Ghosts) and stand in the center of the gym. The other group (Zombies) stands along one wall of the gym. On the start cue, the zombies run to the other side of the gym. The ghosts try to tag them. Once tagged, the zombies turn into pumpkins and are stuck to the floor.

Pumpkin Soccer

Play kids vs. kids soccer.

Dr. Zombie Dodgeball

Play Dr. Dodgeball but instead of having a doctor, there is a zombie that heals people by touch. In this version the Zombie has one live. But only an orange dodgeball can kill the zombie.

Goblins/Ghouls (Ravens and Crows)

Line up in two lines. One is the Goblins one is the Ghouls. Call out Goblins and they chase the Ghouls and vice versa. If you are tagged you join the opposite group.

Steal the Pumpkin (Steal the Bacon)

Play “steal the bacon” except change the terminology to pumpkin. Split the group evenly into two groups and sit them with their backs turned towards the center line, approximately 20 feet apart. Assign numbers to each player on both sides from one to the final person. At the end, each team will have a number 1, 2, etc. In the center place a ball. When you call out a number, the goal is to be the first to reach the ball, and bring it back to your side without being tagged by the other person. If you make it back safely, your team scores a point, if you are tagged, the ball goes back in the middle, and a new number is called. Remember: Tag, not push!

Capture the Pumpkin (Capture the Flag)

Capture the flag except the flag is a dodgeball (hopefully orange) and if you get caught you go to the graveyard instead of jail.

Literally every game can be tweaked to become a Halloween game. Come up with your own and experiment!

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