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Do You Have After School Program Kits?

  • You hire a new person and tell them that they need to run an after school program with crafts and/or games. They have no idea what to do or where to start.
  • Your after school staff come in and they are scrambling at the last minute to put together a fun activity for the theme of the day…again.
  • Your Ace after school leader called in sick and someone needs to fill her spot but nobody knows what to do.

These are scenarios that happen everyday at after school programs everywhere. The best way I have found to combat these issues is by having after school program kits.

An after school program kit consists of a binder, that has all the activities for a specific theme, and a box of supplies for those activities. It also has a sheet that lists the activities with a blank space next to it so the leader can mark the date that the activity took place. So when someone fills in for that leader they can see what activities have already been done.

Let’s say that one of your after school programs for the spring is Clay Creations.

The binder should have all the activities for Clay Creations spelled out step by step. The Clay Creations supply box should have all the supplies necessary for each activity. At the end of the spring session the supervisor should be able to go to the binder and see what supplies are needed and order them to replenish the supply box for Clay Creations.

With after school program kits there is no more, “What activity do we do?” or “Where are the supplies?”

You can do the same thing with sports. You may not need the supply box if all sports equipment is kept in one spot, since you don’t normally need to order supplies for sports programs every season. So a binder of activities should be fine. For example, if your running a program called Spanning the Globe where the kids play games from a different country each day, then the binder would have step by step instruction on each game.

Putting together program kits can take a long time, but once they are done you will use them all the time. You can always add or take away activities from the kit as the seasons and years go by. I would also suggest that you take pictures of the crafts or activities to keep with the binder for visual reference.

Now go make some kits. :)

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