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Arts and Crafts Ideas – Sites You Ought to Know About

I was going to write about an art activity that pays tribute to the artist Michelangelo. In this activity students lay on their back and paint. This activity is based on the popular story that Michelangelo painted the Sistene Chapel ceiling on his back (which isn’t true). Though we have done it in our after school programs I searched the net to find any other ideas I could add to the process. Through my search I found a great page that outlined the activity perfect at a site called Then in dawned on me that there are a lot of great sites that have wonderful arts and crafts ideas that you should know about. Here are my favorites.

When you have a chance take a look at these sites. Some are blogs which make it nice to get on their feed and receive updates to new projects.


Filth Wizadry

Art Projects For Kids

Teach Kids Art

Laugh, Paint, Create!

The Crafty Crow

Crafts by Amanda


Disney’s Family Fun

Amazing Moms

Enchanted Learning






  1. These are all great websites (most of them are on my google reader), I would also suggest Pinterest, it is a social website where people share crafts and other things. Regularly I check the craft and kid section and find great ideas, along with the websites they were found at and comments from people who have tried them.

  2. Great suggestion, Alex. I have to look more into Pinterest for sure.

  3. I love the

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