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After School Program – Spinners

After-School-Program-of-the-Day is a post where I give you ideas and/or resources for a specific theme and we ask readers to leave their ideas and resources in the comments section. What ideas and suggestions do you have  for the Program of the Day? What game, craft, activity, or anything else would you do during your program if the theme was…


Here are five resources for this theme. Do you know of any other resources or activities? Leave it in the comments area.

  1. Resource #1 is all about Hula Hooping and includes how-to tutorials, fitness advice and additional resources.
  2. Resource #2 – 10 ways to have fun with a Frisbee.
  3. Resource #3 is a great article on teaching kids to jump rope.
  4. Resource #4 – One of the things we use for jump roping are these hotspots that create different stations for the kids to rotate through.
  5. Other activities include spinning tops, having kids spin around and around on a grassy area, yo-yos and having them try out a unicycle.

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