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25 Things Every Young Man Should Know – Program

Here’s an after school program that is worth considering. It all started with a trip to the bookstore. I came across a book called The Boys’ Book – How to Be the Best at Everything. In it was written how to do all kinds of things, from ‘how to fight off a crocodile’ to ‘how to juggle’. Many of the things in the book are ridiculous, I mean do boys really need to know “how to teach a parakeet to talk’? But it go me thinking that there are a lot of things many boys don’t know how to do, some are outdoor related while others are etiquette related. Having grown up without a father I felt as though I missed out on a lot. These days many fathers aren’t around to teach their boys  those “guy” things all boys should know, whether it’s because of long work hours or other reasons.

Once I decided that an after school program teaching boys stuff they ought to know was a good idea, I began to research what could be taught. I figured that if the instructor didn’t know how to do something he could learn through online videos or books. If it was something a little to difficult then someone who could teach it could be brought in as a guest speaker.

I came up with 75 different ideas, though I figure in an 8 week (one class per week) session 25 things would be enough to teach. What is chosen to be taught would depend on the age group and the skills of the instructor. The following ideas came from the book I mentioned above as well as:

The Guide for Guys: An Extremely Useful Manual for Old Boys and Young Men

Show Me How: 500 Things You Should Know – Instructions for Life from the Everyday to the Exotic

and an online search.

Things Every Young Man Should Know How to Do
1.    How to Do an Ollie
2.    How to Perform a Card Trick
3.    How to Tie Three Essential Knots
4.    How to Eat in a Fancy Restaurant
5.    How to Get Rid of Hiccups
6.    How to Make a Balloon Dog
7.    How to Make a Campfire
8.    How tot Tie a Tie
9.    How to Take a Penalty Kick
10.    How to Read a Compass
11.    How to Pop a Wheelie
12.    How to Juggle
13.    How to Repair a Bicycle Flat
14.    How to Do a Cartwheel
15.    How to Do a Bunny Hop
16.    How to Write a Thank You Letter
17.    How to Shoot a Basketball
18.    How to Make a Good Paper Airplane
19.    How to Draw a Cartoon
20.    How to Dribble a Basketball
21.    How to Say Hello in Different Languages
22.    How to Ballroom Dance
23.    How to Use Tools Properly
24.    How to Survive Animal Attacks
25.    How to Jump Start a Car
26.    How to Change a Tire
27.    How to Deliver a Speech
28.    How to Carve a Turkey
29.    How to Make a First Great Impression
30.    How to Win an Arm Wrestle
31.    How to Carve a Pumpkin
32.    How to Barbecue
33.    How to Open a Stuck Jar Lid
34.    How to Hit a Golf Ball
35.    How to Pitch a Curveball
36.    How to Shoot a Free Throw
37.    How to Spiral Throw a Football
38.    How to Bend it Like Beckham
39.    How to Fish
40.    How to Use Chopsticks
41.    How to Cook
42.    How to Wrap a Gift
43.    How to Wash and Iron Clothes
44.    How to Give a Firm Handshake
45.    How to Inflate a Ball
46.    How to Interview
47.    How to Defend Himself Without Excessive Force
48.    How to Sew a Button On
49.    How to Take a Bus with Transfer
50.    How to Read and Understand a Sports Page
51.    How to Read and Understand the Stocks Page
52.    How to Say No
53.    How to Write a Check
54.    How to Hang a Picture
55.    How to Set a Table
56.    How to Check the Oil and Tires on a Car
57.    How to Vacuum
58.    How to Mop
59.    How to Paint a Wall
60.    How to Wash a Car Correctly
61.    How to be a Gentleman
62.    How to Splice Wire
63.    How to Clean and Bandage a Small Wound
64.    How to Leave a Tip
65.    How to Erect a Tent
66.    How to Do a Pushup
67.    How to Unclog a Toilet
68.    How to Take a Good Photo
69.    How to Make a Difference in Your Community
70.   How to Tell a Joke
71.    How to Be a Great Friend
72.    How to Properly Tip
73.    How to Be the Perfect Houseguest
74.    How to Groom Like a Gentlemen
75.    How to Throw a Great Party


What else would be good to teach young men/boys?

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  1. This is a great list, even more so that you intend to teach it in a class. What a great idea! Other ideas might include how to give a compliment, how to gut a fish, how to fell a tree or how to give bad news (sorry if any of those have already been mentioned).

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