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20 Program Ideas for TV TurnOff Week

April 20th-26th, 2009 is TV Turnoff Week. Yesterday I told you that I would give you 20 ideas for programs you can put together for TV Turnoff Week. Well, here we go…

  1. Family Bingo Night
  2. Community Dog Walk
  3. Family Bike Ride
  4. A One Night Gardening Class
  5. Dodgeball Tournament
  6. Mommy and Me Arts and Crafts
  7. A Cruise in the Community Center – Each room has a different activity that you may find on a cruise.
  8. A Magic Show
  9. A Live Band
  10. Spring BBQ
  11. Poker Walk/Run – Along the course have five stops where each person gets a playing card. The runner/walker with the best poker hand at the end wins a prize.
  12. Karaoke
  13. A Community Potluck with Bounce House and Games
  14. A Community Theater performance
  15. A Talent Show
  16. A Hoe Down – Line Dancing
  17. A One Night Only Intro to Art Class
  18. Around the World in 80 Minutes
  19. Family Board Games
  20. A Live Family Game Show


  1. This image is so cool, could you tell me the source please???

  2. I don’t remember. I usually get my images from Dreamstime but I’m not sure if this came from there or not. Other places I go are iStockphoto and I look around Flickr.

  3. This is an awesome idea I am going to try and implement this into the programs in my city rec.

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