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10 Ways to Find Contract Instructors

Contract instructors are an important part of a recreation department. All of our adult classes are taught by contract instructors. Unfortunately, not all classes get the minimum number of participants. Many offerings must be cancelled, despite our best efforts to market the class. This is discouraging for contract instructors. So much so that they may not return for the next season. Therefore, we need to keep a constant look-out for qualified instructors that could teach for us.

Here are 10 ways we find contract instructors:

1. Advertise

  • Library – If your library has a place to post announcements ask if you can post a flyer looking for instructors.
  • Craigslist – Place an ad for instructors. Send them to a page on your website that has all the info on being a contract instructor including an application.
  • Recreation Guide – If you have room in your seasonal activitiy guide create an ad for instructors.
  • Website – On the home page place a “Help Wanted” banner.
  • Colleges – Pin up a flyer for students and faculty to see.
  • Newspaper – Place a classified ad in the help wanted section. Make sure it states that this is a contract position. You don’t want people thinking they will get paid right away.

2. Contact local adult education instructors

Most areas have an adult education program. These classes are lead by contract instructors. If you see a class in the guide that looks like it would be a good fit for your city contact that instructor.

3. Gyms/Clubs

Looking for a pilates, yoga, Zumba or boot camp instructor. Check local gyms and clubs. The instructors that teach those group classes usually do it part-time and would love to have more work.

4. Meet-Up is a site that helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities. I belong to a couple of clubs so when our adult classes supervisor was looking for someone to teach a class on social media I suggested she look for groups at Not only did we find a wonderful person to teach a class on social media but we also now have someone to teach a class on blogging and a class on writing non-fiction books for Amazon Kindle.

5. Other Recreation Departments

A few of our instructors have contracts with other recreation departments in the surrounding areas. Check out what classes other recreation departments are offering and then approach the instructors you’d like to work with.

6. Your Staff

I know of one recreation department that will pay their staff a contract rate for adult classes they create and run. This may be a conflict of interest in your department. If it is not, then consider offering your staff this option. I have more than enough work to fill my 40 hours a week and then some so I wouldn’t dream of planning and running an adult class as part of my job duties. However, if I was given the opportunity to make an additional part-time income through teaching an adult class I would do it. I have a few ideas in mind for classes right now. Unfortunaely, that is not an option in our department.

7. Local Music Instructors

Contact local music instructors and explain the contract instructor option through the rec. dept. For music instructors it’s a win-win situation. They get exposure to new potential students and they can possibly get the new students to hire them for private or advanced instruction after the class.

8. Local School Teachers

Many school teachers would like a way to earn a little extra money. This is great for the specialized teachers (steel drums, band, art, writing, multimedia, gardening, etc.). Contact the school superintendent or school principals to inquire on the best way to reach faculty with this opportunity.

9. Google

If there is a specific class you would like to offer then Google the activity and look for schools and instructors. For example, if you would like to offer a ballroom dance class use the internet to find instructors in your area. Our dance instructors all teach at other dance schools.

10. Local Businesses

Contact local businesses to see if they would like to teach an adult class.

  • Local restaurants could offer cooking or bartending classes.
  • A martial arts schools might have an instructor who can lead an aerobic kickboxing class.
  • A computer repair company might be able to give computer classes though they may have never considered it before.
  • A fabric store might have someone who will teach sewing.
  • A real estate company could give classes on buying foreclosures.
  • A plumber might give a basic plumbing class.
  • A clothing store could provide a class on fashion.
  • You could have a series of business owners speak at a class for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Contract instructors are out there. Most people don’t know how easy it is to teach a class through the recreation department on a contract basis. The more classes we can offer the more beneficial we become to the community as a whole.

P.S. Keep business cards with you that say something like “You are the kind of instructor we are looking for!!!” On the back of the card have your contact information.

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